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You already know a lot of English, let me show you!

What are the biggest reasons that people don’t start studying English or stop before they are fluent?

Listen and read!

No money, no time, no urgent need for English in their life? Or because it’s too difficult?

What would you think if I told you that you already know a lot of English?

Do you want me to show you?    Okay!

English, like Spanish is partly based on Latin, so they have many similarities!

Take the Spanish words that end in –ible or –able
Pronounce them like [eybuhl]   and  [abuhl]

Then you are already speaking English!

                         Accento = stress = _
so cia ble             [so sju bul]
fa vora ble          [fey vru bul]
pro ba ble           [pro ba bul]
re vers ible         [ru vurs ubul]
in vinc ible          [in vins ubul]
vis  ible                 [vis ubull]


lot bogota





The same thing is true for words that end in –ivo  and –iva .
Prounounce the end like [ –tiv , –siv ]

positivo        –    positive  [po si tiv]
alternativo   –   alternative [al ter na tiv]
activo            –   active [ak  tiv]
perspectivo  –   perspective [pur spek tiv]
atractiva       –   attractive [u trek tiv]
sensitiva       –   sensitive   [sen sitiv]
agresivo        –  aggressive [a gres siv]

Finally, words ending in –ente and –ante,
we take off the last –e and pronounce the end as  [ –unt ]

importante      –    important  [im por tunt]
relevante          –   relevant  [ lu vunt]
rendundante   –   redundant [ré dun dunt]
diferente          –  different  [di fu runt]
inteligente       –  intelligent  [in tèl ligunt]
presidente       –   president [prè si dunt]

See, you can do it!
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By: Antonio Rosier

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