Music to practice English

Everybody in any English class has filled a lyrics song to practice the language but… Do you understand what it means in context? Did you learn something with the exercise? Did you like the song?
It’s difficult for the teacher to choose a good song that all the students can enjoy. So, here in this article you will be able to choose the best song for you, according to your level. Besides, here you will find some tips to practice English while you are enjoying music.

Why should you practice English with music?

When you listen to English music, you are improving your listening and pronunciation; you also educate your brain to listen and understand English words.
When you begin to study English with songs it’s difficult to understand all the words, but I’m pretty sure that you will be able to catch some easy words like “wh questions” or simple verbs and adjectives. Do it now! It’s worth a try. Besides, when you do this exercise, you are listening to the correct pronunciation. It’s like learning the language in a natural way, the same way as you learned to speak your mother language, by listening.


  • Choose your favorite kind of English music, (Rock, alternative, Indie rock, grunge, ballads, etc)
  • Choose bands that sing with American or British English accent, according to your preference, it’s important to have special attention to the different pronunciations.
  • Download the song in your cellphone or your portable music player.
  • Make a list on your cellphone or portable music with your favorite English songs.
  • Print the lyrics in English and Spanish to compare.
  • Underline five or more new words for you to increase your vocabulary.
  • Make full sentences with the new words.

A small songs list to practice made by me. Enjoy it!

Basic Level

Love me do- beatles
I wanna be sedated – The Ramones
Lemon tree- fools garden
Friday I’m in love- The cure
Speed of sound – coldplay

Intermediate Level

Wake me up – Avicii
Losing my religion – REM
Sunday morning – Maroon 5
Letra de Rolling In The Deep – Adele

Advance Level

Can’t stop – Red hot chili peppers
In the end – Linkin park
Lose yourself – Eminem
The Bad Touch – Bloodhound Gang

Clic here to listen all the songs

If you have other song leave them in the comments!


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