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Kegel exercises for men at home. How to do Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises for men at home. How to do Kegel exercises


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Kegel exercises for men at home. How to do Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are an effective way to achieve a good erection and delay ejaculation at the right time

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Kegel exercises were originally developed for women, they were aimed at accelerating blood circulation and strengthening the pelvic floor, which contributed to muscle contraction, increased sexual pleasure and increased orgasm. However, few people know that similar exercises kamagra online kaufen have been developed for men, performing them regularly, you can quickly feel an improvement in erectile function..

Before starting the exercises, you need to figure kamagra espa out what effect they are aimed at achieving. Firstly, an erection appears not because the muscles contract, but because the cavernous bodies of the penis are filled with blood. If the pubococcygeal muscle is in good shape, then reproductive system: men and fight again! the entire pelvic region is well supplied with blood, and this leads silagra or kamagra to an improvement in erectile function. Secondly, in the absence of training, any muscle will atrophy, the pubococcygeal muscle is no exception..

Remember: it is the rhythmic contractions of this muscle that lead to orgasm. Accordingly, the exercise will have a stimulating effect on the entire genital area and enhance the pleasant sensations during intercourse. Thirdly, the guarantee levitra dosage reviews of ejaculation is the control over contractions of the pubococcygeal muscle and their rhythm. If the genital muscles are highly developed, then the ability to control ejaculation is acquired depending on desire. And, fourthly, the regular performance of such exercises improves the blood supply to the prostate gland, which has a positive effect on the entire sex life in general..

The convenience of the exercises lies in the fact that their implementation does not involve visiting the gym, using equipment or equipment, even the frequency and place of performing the exercises are not of critical importance..

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To start doing the exercises, you need to correctly determine where your pubococcygeal muscle is located. To do this, hold the stream for a short time during urination, the buy tadalafil 5mg online contracted and relaxed muscles during this action and you need to train.

Take a comfortable position for you and begin to contract and relax the pubococcygeal muscle, you need to perform this exercise twice a day, 15-20 times. If you feel ready for more levitra over the counter uk contractions, you can push them up to 50 times in one set. The duration of this exercise is at least two weeks..

After completing the first exercise, you need to complicate the task somewhat. So, when performing a contraction of the pubococcygeal muscle levitra 20mg, you need to try to relax it not immediately, but after 3-4 seconds. Alternate between long and short levitra fda label sets every two weeks.

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This will allow you to achieve high efficiency and feel the improvement in erectile function. The optimal duration of training is six weeks, at the end of this period you will feel significant positive changes in improving potency. The undoubted advantage will be the developed ability to control the onset of ejaculation, which, by the way, can be delayed by more than 2-4 times with the help of the modern drug Dapoxetine.

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